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Just 1.5 hours from Paris, you will spend your weekend in the countryside in the heart of the Perche Regional Natural Park : a stay to discover an authentic countryside and unspoiled nature. The Perche can be enjoyed at the rate of hiking, cycling or horseback riding.







Discover the small Percheron villages, their medieval streets, castles and abbeys. Above all, don’t miss Bellême, Mortagne-au-Perche or La Chapelle Montligeon…





Take a walk in the forest and in the Percheron groves but also in the bogs or around the ponds … The Country Lodge is located very close to the state forest of Perche or the Reno-Valdieu one but also the ponds of Soligny-La-Trappe.

Une forêt dans le Perche


Chevaux percherons




Get to know the Percheron horse, especially at the Maison du Parc (Manoir de Courboyer) or by going on a horse-drawn ride (directly from the Country Lodge if needed). And to go on a horseback ride, find our good addresses here.




> Find out more on the Perche Regional Natural Park website.


Photo credits : Regional Natural Park of Perche.