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At Country Lodge, we are above all locavores and we want to support Percheron producers. Throughout your stay in the countryside, you can explore its producers and taste their products. Here is a selection of some of our friends.


Le cellier du Country Lodge



La Ferme de Tanga
Permaculture gardening of fruits and vegetables located 400m from the Country Lodge. You can walk from the estate, and order their vegetable baskets when booking.



La Ferme de la Hutte
A goat farm located 5 kms away. It is possible to watch and help milking the goats at the farm (NB: in winter, from December to February, the milking stops to give way to gestation and then to birth in early March. During this period, care is provided to the livestock on Saturdays). Sylvie Lhoste and her husband sell their organic cheeses and other local products.

Les chèvres de la ferme de la Hutte


La brasserie du Perche


La Brasserie du Perche
This brewer makes his beer at the edge of a pond deep in the woods, in an enchanting site… his beer is called “Coule Douce”… To get there, you can take a nice bike ride or walk from the Country Lodge (7km by roads and paths). On site : visit of the brewery and beer tasting, picnic, canoe and pedalos …


Le Moulin des Sablons
In Malétable, Johanna and Gérard offer seasonal vegetables, some fruits and fresh eggs. Visit them to leave with your basket !

Boucherie Lorin
Philippe Lorin, breeder, and his daughter Mélanie in Moutiers au Perche, deliver your meat and other dishes directly to the Country Lodge.

Miellerie “Les Cadres Noirs Percherons”
Patrick Cholet, master beekeeper in Bellême takes care of 400 beehives in the Perche (including ten at the Country Lodge) and offers you authentic and natural Percheron honey. Visits to the honey house are possible by appointment.

Cidrerie “La Maison Ferré”
Grégoire Ferré founded La Maison Ferré. His farm is organic and he creates cider from 35 varieties of apples. The cider house offers a range of products divided between ciders, juices and spirits. Do not hesitate to visit them.


> You will also find many local products in our cellar.